Clarke Valve Fugitive Emissions Reduction Technology Presented in the Innovation Agora at CERAWeek 2019

man giving presentation in front of an audience

Clarke Valve, designer and manufacturer of the world’s most compact and efficient control valve, shared its story of methane emissions reduction with visitors to the Innovation Agora at CERAWeek, on March 13, 2019 in Houston.

Kyle Daniels, President and CEO of Clarke Valve, was on hand to deliver a talk titled “Clarke Valve, an OGCI Portfolio Company.” In his presentation, Mr. Daniels described the performance attributes of the Dilating Disk™ Valve–which continues to accumulate design patents and satisfied customers around the world—and talked about the partnership that has been established between Clarke Valve and OGCI Climate Investments.

OGCI Climate Investments is a $1 billion venture fund, focused on economically viable, market-ready technologies that have the potential to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions. In September 2018, OGCI Climate Investments led a $5.5 million round in venture capital for Clarke Valve, due to the Dilating Disk™ Valve’s ability to reduce fugitive methane emissions by 95% when compared to commonly used globe valves.

“A very high percentage of the fugitive emissions from refineries is due to leakage around the stem of legacy control valves,” explained Daniels. “Even so-called low emissions globe valves leak around 500 parts-per-million of methane, while the Dilating Disk™ Valve only allows 20 parts-per-million, which is a 96% reduction in fugitive emissions. Multiply that reduction in emissions by millions of installed globe valves at refineries worldwide, and you get a sense for the huge potential for positive impact that OGCI Climate Investments recognized.”

In addition to earning the interest of CERAWeek attendees and venture funding from OGCI Climate Investments, the Dilating Disk™ Valve is also the world’s first control valve to achieve the API 641 Certification from the American Petroleum Institute. API 641 requires that a valve allows less than 100 parts-per-million of fugitive emissions, under specific operating conditions; a benchmark which the Dilating Disk™ Valve comfortably surpassed, with emissions measured at less than 20 parts per million.

About Clarke Valve

Founded in 2011, Clarke Valve provides high quality industrial control valves to organizations worldwide. Using aerospace design principles, Clarke has developed the patented Dilating Disk™ Valve, meeting the ASME B16.34, ASME B16.10 and ASME B16.5 international valve standards, as well as ISO 5211 standards for valve automation. Due to its best-in-class sealing system, the Dilating Disk™ Valve is the first control valve to achieve both API 641 and ISO 15848-1:2015 certifications, making it the world’s most compact, efficient, and environmentally friendly control valve. Clarke Valve technology can be easily scaled or customized to meet many challenging requirements, and is currently deployed in a diverse spectrum of markets, including oil and gas, aerospace, chemical, power plants, and water management. All Clarke Valves are 100% inspected and tested to FCI 70-2 standards for control valves. Clarke Valve is an OSHA-certified ISO 9001:2015 company with a rigid Quality Control process that places an emphasis on the safety of our products.

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