The Reliable, Low-Torque Dilating Disk™ Valve Has Secured a CE Marking


Clarke Valve, a portfolio company of Saudi Aramco Energy Ventures, Chevron Technology Ventures, and OGCI Climate Investments, announced today that it has secured a CE Marking, following the successful completion of the certification guidelines outlined in PED Module H 2014/68/EU.

Clarke Valve’s rigorous adherence to established engineering and manufacturing standards—including ISO 9001:2015, ASME B16.34, and many others—helped to ensure that the design, materials, and processes behind the Dilating Disk™ Valve readily satisfied the most stringent EU regulatory requirements for reliability and safety.

TÜV SÜD Industrie Service GmbH is the Notified Body that conducted the certification and on-site audit of Clarke Valve’s systems for engineering, supply chain, and quality assurance. Genuine Clarke Valve manufactured Dilating Disk™ Valves will be marked with the EU-approved designation CE 0036.

“We are proud to announce this latest third-party validation of the reliable, low-torque Dilating Disk™ Valve.  We look forward to providing our high-quality products to our oil and gas partners and other end users in the EU,” said Kyle Daniels, President and CEO. “TÜV SÜD’s certification of our engineering and manufacturing processes provides further proof that Clarke Valve can meet even the most rigorous standards, and is a serious player in the control valve market.”

The Dilating Disk™ Valve has so far secured nine patents worldwide, with several more pending. Solving many long-standing pain points with industrial valve customers across the world, its unique geometry and quarter-turn flow control mechanism can deliver precise throttling, tight shutoff, and high cycle life, while requiring significantly less operating torque. The result is a valve and actuation package that weighs much less, costs less, and requires less energy to operate.

To view and download the PED Module H certificate, please visit our Product Quality & Certifications page.

About Clarke Valve
Founded in 2011, Clarke Valve provides uniquely-designed high quality industrial control valves to organizations worldwide, and is a portfolio company of Saudi Aramco Energy Ventures, Chevron Technology Ventures, and OGCI Climate Investments. Using aerospace design principles, Clarke has developed the Dilating Disk™ Valve, the first major innovation in valve design in the last fifty years. The Dilating Disk™ Valve is the first control valve to achieve both API 641 and ISO 15848-1 certification, making it the world’s most compact, efficient, and environmentally responsible control valve. Clarke Valve technology is currently deployed in a diverse spectrum of markets, including oil and gas, aerospace, chemical, power plants, and water management.

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