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Engineered control valves with our unique geometry means you will have precision flow control, zero pressure drop, and tight shut off all in one valve. For severe service applications, we offer Tungsten-coated Petals, Ceramic Petals, Teflon-lined valves, and optional seals for dirty service.  Think of what that would mean for your processes.

Oil & Gas Applications

Oil and natural gas touch our lives in countless ways every day. Together, they supply more than 60 percent of our nation’s energy. Helping the oil and natural gas industry optimize plant operations is a key feature of the Shutter Valve. Providing plant operators with precision flow control, a compact design and no pressure drop technology is what makes the Shutter Valve superior. Whether your application requires manual or automatic actuation, the Shutter Valve delivers.

We specialize in:
Gas Lift
Gas Compression
Refinery Valves
Tank Valves


The Shutter Valve is designed, engineered and packaged to meet the industry’s strictest applicable standards for performance and safety. With solutions for boiler feedwater, cooling water and even glycol applications, the Shutter Valve provides precise flow control for process optimization. It uses a compact design to help make the most of your flow control system.

We specialize in:
Cooling Water
Mild Steam

Advanced Water Systems

Population growth and climate change present new, pressing challenges for our world’s water supply. This is driving the need for viable, non-traditional ways to create drinking water, such as through desalination and recycling. The water industry’s aging infrastructure causes further complications for plants, including frequent repairs and unnecessary leaks that increase operating costs and deplete the water supply. The bubble tight, ultra-reliable Shutter Valve is the perfect solution for your advanced water system needs.

We specialize in:
Lime Slurry
Water Treatment
Water Control

Chemical Plant Precision

When precision counts, the Shutter Valve shines. In both batch and continuous operations, having the ability to control media at varying temperatures, pressures, and flow rates is key. Whether in the petrochemical, specialty chemical or fine chemical production environment, the Shutter Valve provides precision flow control, no pressure drop and tight shut off up to 4,000 PSI. From a fine mist all the way to full bore opening, the Shutter Valve gives the flow control you need without the negative impacts of cavitation that other types of valves create.

We specialize in:

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