The Shutter Valve is designed to seamlessly replace the globe valves that are used for process control in every industry, every day, with zero disruption or switching costs. Its unique design delivers improved flow control and reduced emissions from a valve body that is at least 50% smaller, lighter, and more cost-effective than a globe valve. Yet, despite all the ways that the Shutter Valve stands apart from the competition, it meets or exceeds all of the same standards for safety, quality, and durability.

Proven Performance

Best-in-class results and value for a diverse installed base.The Shutter Valve has been successfully deployed in a broad spectrum of customer applications, with some units installed and operational since 2015. Explore the Clarke Valve installed base

Saudi Aramco
Industry:  Oil & Gas
Installed Since:  2018


  • Condensate temperature control valve
  • 3 inch CV308, Class 300

: Marine
Installed Since:  2017

  • Flow control valve, water
  • 1 inch CV71, Class 900

Installed Since:  2016

  • Water jacket flow control valve
  • 1 inch, CV71

The ONLY control valve to earn both the API 641 and ISO 15848 certifications.We work with industry leading testing partners like Yarmouth Research and Technology for third party certification of the Shutter Valve’s capabilities.

In 2018, Yarmouth certified the Shutter Valve as the first control valve to achieve the American Petroleum Institute (API) 641 certification for fugitive emissions reduction. View the API 641 certification

In 2019, the Shutter Valve shattered existing benchmarks for ISO 15848-1:2015 by limiting fugitive methane emissions to 2 ppm by volume for more than 100,000 mechanical cycles.View the ISO 15848-1:2015 certification

Durable, High Quality

Engineered to last.Clarke Valve is ISO 9001:2015 certified, and maintains the highest quality standards for our materials, manufacturing processes, and products.Visit our Product Quality & Certfications page

Refined through real world testing.The Shutter Valve has been subjected to millions of operational cycles in the field. The result is a dependable and efficient design that is infinitely adaptable to new customer applications. Over time, the Shutter Valve design has become even more durable and streamlined. The internal mechanism now uses 7 parts, instead of 22.

Old Design

New Design

We have chosen 316L and CF3M stainless steel as our default materials for fabrication, due to their favorable properties for hardness and corrosion resistance. However, the Shutter Valve can be manufactured from whatever material the customer specifies, with some other examples being carbon steel, MIL-SPEC bronze, nickel, and aluminum.

Unique Form

A step change in valve design, perfected over a decade of R&D.The Shutter Valve employs a geometry unlike any other industrial valve on the market, providing best-in-class, dynamic process control from a quarter-turn stem.

Three interlocking petals form the aperture of the Shutter Valve. They open perpendicular to the flow of process fluids.

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The mechanical operation of the valve is driven by a rugged and efficient ring gear, which delivers precise throttling, tight shutoff, and high cycle life while requiring minimal torque. With a valve body that is 50-80% smaller and lighter than the globe valves it is designed to replace, the Shutter Valve provides the same CV (flow rate) at a significantly lower cost.

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Same Fit

Plug & play with no added cost and zero risk.Even though the Shutter Valve is unlike any other control valve on the market, it fits seamlessly into existing lines. To eliminate switching costs, the entire Shutter Valve product line conforms to the face-to-face dimensions for globe valves defined by the ISA 75.08 and ASME B16.10 standards.Follow our process for this design decision.

Safety and reliability are the foundation we’ve built our business on.From ASME B16.34 to ISO 5211, Clarke Valve proudly conforms or maintains certifications for more than 20 respected industry standards, ensuring seamless integration and zero disruptions when a customer makes the choice to deploy the Shutter Valve. View the full list of standards and certifications

Better Function

By opening perpendicular to the flow of process fluids, the Shutter Valve requires much less operating torque than other control valves; reducing actuator size & energy requirements. View flow characteristics and other specs.

The proprietary design of the Shutter Valve’s bonnet and stem leads to a 97% reduction of fugitive emissions when compared to “low emissions” globe valves, while eliminating the need for packing adjustments in the field. Read the Technical Article in Fugitive Emissions Journal

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