Shutter Valve for the Chemical Industry

When it comes to precise flow control, few industries are as demanding as the chemical industry.  Having exactly the right mix of chemical components is critical to batch quality, safety, and reducing waste.

This is where the Shutter Valve shines.  The new K100 series of Shutter Valve offers precise flow control coupled with zero pressure drop during full bore operation.  It also offers Class 6 bubble-tight closure to 1000 PSI of pressure.

The design of the Shutter Valve lends itself to complete piggability to clean the lines with the valve in place.  This allows for greater uptime and reduced costs versus other control valves that have to be removed to be cleaned for sanitary purposes or during batch changeover.

The Shutter Valve has the ability to handle everything from basic and commodity chemicals to polymers and specialty chemicals.  The K100 series matches the right valve materials and seals to offer the highest performing valve in the industry.  The plug and play design of the Shutter Valve allows customers to retrofit their outdated valve technology with the state of the art Shutter Valve.

Contact us to learn how the Shutter Valve can help your chemical company experience efficiency gains, cost savings and higher performance in your flow control system.