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In the face of new technologies and everchanging environmental conditions, the control valve industry has remained unaltered over the past 300 years. The need for efficiency, reliability, and sustainability offers tremendous opportunity for companies worldwide who wish to limit emissions and reduce operating costs.

Clarke Valve brings you the Dilating Disk ™ Valve: a product of an evolution and enhancement within industry standards. With unparalleled expertise in efficient flow pathways and mechanical design, Clarke Valve has established itself as the premier manufacturer of the next generation of precision control valves. With a customer base consisting of over 35 of the leading oil and gas companies in the world, Clarke Valve provides easy-installation valves that help their customers meet environmental standards without paying a premium price.


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10 Feb: New Age Valves To Address Zero Emission Needs

Kyle Daniels, CEO and Founder, Clarke Valve and inventor of the Dilating Disk™ Valve gives an insight into the technological shift and transition of valves manufacturing which is designed to regulate emissions and provide efficient processes in the oil & gas…