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Clarke Valve is interested in partnering with proactive Distributors of flow control solutions in various industries. The broad applicability of the Dilating Disk™ Valve makes it an ideal solution to add to your product portfolio. Please fill out the form below to arrange a conversation and learn how the Dilating Disk™ Valve can enhance your profitability.


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01 Dec: Winterizing the Dilating Disk™ Valve

Preparing Control Valves for Winter With winter right around the corner, the team at Clarke Valve wants to make sure that our customers and their applications are prepared. Winterization is an important factor in properly maintaining outdoor valves and actuators,…

18 Nov: Digital Twinning for Reliable Valve Performance

With the advent of Digital Twinning, operating companies no longer need to run the risk of introducing a flow element into their process without total confidence in its process and reliability performance. Clarke Valve, the exclusive manufacturer of the revolutionary…