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Clarke Valve’s Lead Design Engineer, Justin Mancovsky Presents at SHALE INSIGHT™ 2019 Conference -November 2019

Lead Design Engineer Justin Mancovsky presented on behalf of Clarke Valve in the Technology Showcase at the SHALE INSIGHT™ 2019 Conference

Clarke Valve Receives Key U.S. Patent Award

Clarke Valve™, developer and manufacturer of the world’s most reliable, efficient and compact control valve, has reached yet another technical advancement, to add to its ever-expanding list of notable achievements. On April 7, 2020, Clarke Valve™ secured a U.S. Patent Award, for a Low Emission Bonnet Seal design, U.S. Pat. No. 10,612,661.

Clarke Valve Closes $10 million Venture Funding

Clarke Valve ("Clarke") today completed the sale of $10 million of Series C Preferred Stock to a group of investors led by YBA Kanoo Group ("Kanoo").

The Reliable, Low-Torque Shutter Valve™ Has Secured a CE Marking

With millions of hours of service in the field, the patented, durable, and efficient Shutter Valve has been officially approved for sale in the 28 member countries of the European Union.

Clarke Valve & Curtiss-Wright Corp. First to Meet NAVSEA Spec. MIL-DTL-32632

Since signing a license agreeement in 2017, the two companies are uniquely positioned to manufacture “dilating disk” valves for flow control of Naval shipboard water, oil, and gas service...