Drive Growth With Licensing Opportunities From Clarke Valve

Clarke Valve is the creation vehicle and patent holder of Dilating Disk™ Valve technology, serving premium high-performance valve markets. Under certain circumstances, we may partner with market segment leaders of flow control products by making our technology available via a license of our Dilating Disk™ Valve design.

The value proposition of our unique technology is that it simultaneously provides tight shut off to very high pressures, zero pressure drop and extremely precise flow control. This is the only valve on the market that combines these key traits providing a unique and compelling sales position within the industrial marketplace.

Our core values of Innovation, Continuous Improvement, Integrity and Teamwork have led us to the position of being able to offer our premium valve technology to certain select partners.

Clarke’s transaction process is efficient and confidential. Our company’s methodology is unique in our ability to create custom licenses resulting in significant economic alignment and meaningful opportunities.

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