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The design considerations of the ring gear to survive high cycle fatigue and wear

Clarke Valve has created a durable and dynamic control valve through the use of a ring gear to drive the motion of its proprietary three-petal design.

On the decision to follow globe valve face-to-face dimensions according to ISA and B16.10

By choosing to follow the established guidelines for globe valve face-to-face dimensions, Clarke Valve has made it easy for oil and gas producers and other process manufacturers to upgrade to the Clarke Shutter Valve with little or no switching costs.

The ring gear as an appropriate means of driving the movement of the petals to minimize torque

By design, the ring gear is an efficient means of transmitting torque into the functional motion of the Shutter Valve. Only a quarter-turn of the valve stem is required for a dynamic range of process control, and the gearing of the valve ensures that minimal energy is lost.

The interlocking seal and rib combination as a safeguard against seat leakage, high cycle fatigue, and wear

The Shutter Valve uses 3 interlocking petals to deliver a centralized flow stream and dynamic process control unlike any other control valve.

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