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Clarke Valve was founded in 2011 by Kyle Daniels in Miami, FL.  Mr. Daniels is a descendant of the pioneering Miami Beach, FL Clarke family. Mr. Daniels named his company after his great uncle, Gerald Clarke, who served his country in the U.S. Army in World War II. Gerald Clarke was a brilliant mechanic and inventor.

Kyle Daniels developed the technology behind the Dilating Disk™ Valve during his career as an aerospace engineer, originally as a solution for critical operational issues commonly found in aircraft valves. The Dilating Disk™ Valve started life as a new geometric control valve design over 20 years ago.  The last two decades have seen hundreds of design improvements, through millions of hours of testing and field experience, which have transformed it into the most efficient and compact valve in the world. Utilizing cutting edge design driven by aerospace-derived fluid dynamics methodology, the Dilating Disk™ Valve has arrived as the next major evolution in control valve design.

Clarke Valve has developed the patented Dilating Disk™ Valve to meet all of the required international and domestic valve standards, as well as ISO 5211 standards for valve automation. Dilating Disk™ Valves are available in sizes 1/4″ – 12″, ANSI pressure classes 150 – 1500, in ISA or ANSI Globe Valve face-to-face dimensions, meet ISA and IEC technical definitions of Globe Valves, have an equal percentage flow characteristic, and very low torque requirements, all in a package that utilizes a fraction of the metal content of equivalent Globe Valves. As a result, industrial valve customers all over the world now have a new favorite alternative to legacy Globe Valves, while maintaining or exceeding the key performance attributes their processes require.

Due to its best-in-class sealing system, the Dilating Disk™ Valve is also the first control valve to achieve both API 641 and ISO 15848-1:2015 certifications (2ppm) for Fugitive Emissions, making it the world’s most compact, efficient, and environmentally friendly control valve.

Our mission at Clarke Valve is to continue to innovate and develop valves that customers, technicians, mechanics and engineers can consistently rely upon, while keeping maintenance costs to a minimum. Clarke Valve technology can be easily scaled or customized to meet many challenging requirements, and is currently deployed in a diverse spectrum of markets, including oil and gas, aerospace, chemical, power, and water management.

All Clarke Valves are 100% inspected and tested to ASME B16.34 and FCI 70-2 standards for control valves. Clarke Valve is an OSHA-certified ISO 9001:2015 company with a rigid Quality Control process that guarantees the integrity, reliability and safety of our products.

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